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The technical/rope rescue program at Gulf Coast Emergency Response Academy will motivate your rescue team to think through a problem and utilize the most efficient solution possible.  The instructors that teach the rope courses are all experienced rope rescuers.  At Gulf Coast, we only employ experienced “ropers” to instruct in this division. They are members of dedicated technical rescue teams. These instructors are very confident and comfortable with their specialized skill and have the ability to “listen” to the needs of the student and help them come up with a solution to any unique rescue challenge that an individual may encounter.


As you know, there is not just “One Way” to complete any rescue. Our instructor staff teaches different “Safe” options while also understanding that it needs to be kept simple enough that your team can replicate the rescue process when needed. Gulf Coast has traveled around the world teaching these rope skills. Whether it is an elevated water tank in Saudi Arabia, scaffolding on an off-shore platform, stacks at a power generation plant, or the Hoover Dam, our instructors have been there and can speak with experience!


The confined spaces Gulf Coast Emergency Response Academy uses for Confined Space Rescue training are as realistic as possible. The only difference is that these spaces are clean and safe. But don’t be misled, they present quite the challenge.


Examples of our confined spaces are:


  • Railroad Tank cars
  • Underground pipes & vaults
  • Underground tanks
  • Horizontal and vertical storage tanks
  • Multi-level vertical pipes tank entrance
  • Electrical transformers & oil circuit breakers (OCB’s)
  • Elevator equipment shafts
  • Sumps and lift stations
  • Ship engine room


These Courses meet and exceed OSHA 1910.146 & NFPA 1670 / 1006. We offer ProBoard and non-ProBoard certification classes that provide training in high angle and confined space rescue. Most of our certification classes are conducted in four 10 hour days.


We also offer:


  • Confined Space Rescue
    • Awareness Level
    • Operations Level
    • Technician Level
  • Trench Rescue
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Collapse Rescue
  • Tower Rescue
  • Customized Refresher Courses
  • Rescue Team Evaluations
  • In-Plant Readiness Drills


Our Refresher courses can be centered around basic skills or be as advanced as you wish. And as always SAFETY is our top priority.

Gulf Coast Emergency Response Academy gets 5 stars! The guys really know what they are doing. Great training!


Rescue Training Feature Photo-1
Rescue Training Feature Photo-1