Our medical training is conducted in a clean, comfortable environment. But don’t get too comfortable because much of what we do is hands-on. Our experienced responders will be working with you on such things as airway management, patient assessment, bleeding control, burns, patient packaging and many more subjects related to giving good patient care. Your first responders can then join your fire, rescue, or HazMat team just like they would if responding to an emergency at your facility. They will be inserted into the Incident Command system and will treat any patients or responders who will need help during the training scenario. This will require coordination and communication between the response team and the first responders.


Have you ever worked a cardiac arrest on the 3rd floor landing of a process unit? You will here. Putting your responders in situations where they can encounter real life challenges and overcome those challenges is an invaluable part of our EMR training.


This was the best fire firefighting and training I have ever received. Many thanks to the GCERA members.